Frequently Called Number's

Travis County & City of Austin Helpful Phone Numbers :

  • Fire Dept Oak Hill Volunteer
  • Perdinales Electric Utility
  • Time WarnerAustin/Cable
  • ATT Phone Service/DSL Link
  • Building Permits
  • Creek Drainage Complaints
  • Crime Prevention
  • Dead Animals
  • Dispute Resolution Center
  • Dumping on Roadside
  • Home Chemicals Collection
  • Library Services
  • Loose Animals
  • LCRA Boat Ramp Info
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Sheriff Reports by Phone
  • Pothole Complaints
  • Recycling/Trash Pickup
  • Bus Stop Signage
  • Stop Signs
  • Street Light Repairs
  • Street Lights
  • Street Signs Down
  • Traffic Signal Malfunction
  • Traffic Signals
  • Tree Trimmings
  • Trees Hanging Over the Roadways
  • Trees on Electric Lines
  • Travis County Victim Services
  • Building Permits 499-2380

Oak Hill Association of Neighborhoods (OHAN)

Oak Hill Volunteer Fire Dept

Circle Drive Station 9211 Circle Drive Austin, TX 78736 Tel (512) 288-5576 Fax (512) 288-5903

Station 1 - Circle Drive phone ext. #'s x103 - Training Information (District Chief Jack Bivens) x104 - Training Coordinator Captain Jim Baker x105 - Training Coordinator Tim Ward x106 - EMS Coordinator Lieutenant Carol Campbell x108 - Volunteer Coordinator Preston Doege x110 - Lieutenant's Office

Administration Fire Chief: Gary Warren Business Manager: Madeline Miller 4111 Barton Creek Blvd Austin, TX 78735 Tel (512) 288-5534 Fax (512) 288-5844

New Outdoor Burn Policy's

Oak Hill Fire Department requests that all outdoor burns be notified prior to initiation to the fire department at 288-5534 x113. This call serves two purposes: for you to verify that there is no burn ban in effect, and to prevent unnecessary emergency fire dispatches to investigate the burn. All outdoor burns must comply with the regulations of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), which are published here.

State law (§111.201 - 221) mandates that a responsible party be in attendance at all times, burning no earlier than an hour after sunrise and no later than an hour before sunset on the same day, winds must be between 6 to 23mph, and there must be a means by which to extinguish the fire, among other requirements. State law also prohibits the burning of certain kinds of waste materials. The Dispatch Office can assist you with any questions you may have.

The Oak Hill Fire Department now regulates any and all burns within its district. More information can be found here. Please remember that, in Travis County, the burn ban comes into effect on ozone action days.

Perdinales Electric Coop 1-888-554-4732 toll free customer service

Dripping Springs Payment Office Location :

Physical Address: 661 Highway 290 West Mailing Address: P.O. Box 346 Dripping Springs, TX 78620-0346 Phone: (512) 858-5611 Drive-Through & Phone Hours: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday Directions: The Dripping Springs Office is at the intersection of Highway 290 and Sportsplex Drive on the south side of Highway 290

If you feel your electric use is too high or have other questions about your electric service, you can contact an Perdinales Customer Service Representative. They can answer your questions over the phone or schedule a home visit. Available information includes electric safety, metering, rates and billing.

Time Warner Austin/Cable: (If you need immediate assistance, please call 512-485-5555 or 1-800-418-8848).

ATT Telephone/DSL Service, See Web Site for Details
ATT Phone Service Home Page

Dialing: "911" for all Emergency Situations/Ambulance/Fire/Sheriff/

Dialing: "311" To report downed/broken street signs or potholes within the city. To ask questions about permits. To complain about a city service. To find out general city information.

City & County Permits:

Most residential and commercial construction projects(remodel,repair, addition)new construction and site plan development requires building permits and official compliance supervision and may often require purchase of additional permits for installation of electric wiring, plumbing, pipes, drainage modifications,watershed and environmental protection,new fixtures, heating or air conditioning systems etc. Upon securing a permit, you will be provided information for requesting inspections on your project. The purpose of these inspections is to assure code compliance and the work is accomplished safely and to protect your property investment. To qualify for a Homeowner's Permit, you must file a homestead exemption with the Travis County Central Appraisal District. A homeowner's permit allows you to do work on your home. If you do not wish to claim the house as your homestead exemption then you must hire a licensed electrician, plumber, and/or mechanical contractor. Permitting fees for remodeling and repairing are based on the valuation (labor and materials) of the work begin done. Fees for additions are based on square footage. Call the Permit and License Center of the Department of Planning and Development to obtain information on submittal requirements and fees.

County ROW/Watershed Creek Drainage Complaints 512-854-9383

Report overgrown,clogged,poorly functioning right of way drainage areas to the Travis County Road & Bridge Maintainance Dept.to generate a workorder.The exact location of the problem is needed. Your name and phone number are not required but are helpful should the inspector be unable to locate the problem. An inspector will be sent to investigate the reported area. If the location is the responsibility of the private property owner, the owner will be contacted. If the property is the responsibility of the City, the Stormwater Management Division of the Public Works Department at 499-7115 should be notified. They are also responsible for handling complaints regarding obstructions to the flow of water in drainage ways watercources migrating to the city.

Crime Prevention Travis County 512-854-9728 (west command)

The Travis County Sheriff offers residents the opportunity to reduce crime in their neighborhoods by introducing programs like neighborhood watch and personal safety lectures. They also provide free home security checks, which can save you an additional 5% off your home insurance policy, if you qualify.

Dead Animals/County 512-854-9383

The removal of dead animals is a service provided by the County Road & Bridge dept.In conjunction with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Service. The animal must be on the county right of way in order to be hauled off. Do not put the animal in your trashcan. If the property is vacant or residents cannot move animal to the road, call the sheriff,if it is a hazard to public safety at 512-854-9728 (west command).

Dispute Resolution Center 512-371-0033

What can you do about a dispute with a neighbor? Your next door neighbor's tree is hitting your roof and she won't trim it. Your neighbor plays loud music at 3 am on a weeknight. You think your neighbor constructed his new fence on your property. Your neighbor, when watering his plants, waters your car. These are common disagreements or issues neighbors face. Handling disagreements with a neighbor is a delicate and important issue. Mediation is a technique that can help you resolve small to big issues between neighbors. Mediation is a process in which people involved in a dispute sit down and find their own solution with the help of a mediator. A mediator is a person who is neutral to the dispute and has training in techniques to get people talking. Mediation can be done for small to large disagreements. The choice to enter into mediation means that both parties want to resolve the conflict, want to make their own decision or outcome (as opposed to a judicial decision), and maintain confidentiality for the issue. Common case issues that are covered in mediations with neighbors are: pets, harassment, property boundaries, vandalism, noise, money issues, cross- cultural conflicts, improper use of property (unauthorized auto repair, day care, etc.). The City of Austin currently does not have staff mediators for neighborhood disputes, however, below is a suggested location where you can contact for more information about mediation in Austin:

Dispute Resolution Center 512/371-0033 5407 N IH35, #410 Austin, TX 78723 (Non-profit, community resource for conflict resolution)

Dumping on Roadside 512-854-9383

Large items illegally dumped on the roadside should be reported to travis county. The exact location and type of items being reported should be given (example: a sofa left on side of road or ditch at or near this address of ramble three on the West Side). An inspector will be sent to the site. If the items present a safety hazard to traffic. they will be removed immediately. If no hazard exists, they will be placed on a prioritized schedule for removal.

Household Chemicals Collection City of Austin 512-416-8998

The home chemical collection site is located a 4411 Meinardus Drive. The Center is open one day a week, Wednesday from 12 noon to 7 p.m. They accept oil, batteries, paint, cleaners, and acids.

Library Services 499-7599

The Austin Public Library has 17 branch locations and the Austin History Center. The Central location hours are (Mon-Thurs. 9-9 p.m., Fri-Sat. 9-6 p.m. and Sun. 12-6 p.m.). There is no charge to Austin residents for a library card; however, there is a $48.00 fee per year for out of city residents.

Travis County Animal Control 512-974-2000

Travis County Animal control handles stray dogs,cats, spay and neuter programs,vaccinations,licences,pet adoptions,bite reports,deceased pets,lost pets,local animal complaints,and to report neglected and abused animals. Requirements for registration and rabies vaccination of animals are also enforced. Residents should call to report loose dogs or animals, which have bitten or scratched someone. There is no charge for capturing a loose animal. It typically takes one hour or more depending on traffic after notification before an animal control officer arrives. Classification of priority: loose dogs around day care centers and schools, bites, traffic problems. Privately owned animals who are no longer wanted should, whenever possible, be taken by their owner to the city shelter at 1156 W. Caesar Chavez Street.

LCRA Boat Ramp Operations Status 512-854-7275

Ramps maintained by LCRA can be checked online or by calling the above numberclosing are relegated to seasonal water elevations.

City Of Austin Parks and Recreation 512-499-6700

The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department offer a variety of recreational and social services for all ages. PARD has 15 recreation centers, 3 senior activity centers, and 16 senior luncheon program sites. For more information call the above number.

Sheriff Reports by Phone 512-854-9285 (Non Emergency)

Police reports can be made by telephone IF the situation is NOT an emergency and it is NOT necessary for a police officer to come to the scene of the crime. For instance, old thefts can be reported by telephone for insurance claims. However, if the situation is an emergency and a Law Enforcement officer is needed callers must call 911.

Pothole Complaints 512-854-9383

Report potholes to the Travis County Road & Bridge Maintainance Department. An inspector will be sent to look at the pothole and evaluate the urgency of the repair. It will put on a list for repair in priority order.


No Municipal Waste services are available for our subdivision as it is located in the county. Private waste contractors are available thru the yellow pages. Trash & Recycling The Landfill Diversion Center Hours of Operation Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 4:30 PM Phone: 512-243-1200

Directions If coming from the north, take 183 south towards Lockhart until it intersects with FM 812. Go east on FM 812 for 1 mile, and the entrance to the landfill will be on your left.

Landfill Diversion Center: Recycling Opportunities The Landfill Diversion Center (243-1894) accepts most plastics, scrap metals, used motor oil and bottles, oil filters, white goods (refrigerators, stoves, ac units, freezers), batteries and copper wire for recycling. There is no charge for disposal of recyclable products at the Landfill Diversion Center. The Landfill Diversion Center is open during the same hours as the landfill.

Free Wood Chips: Yard trimmings disposed of in the landfill are ground into wood chips. The landfill provides these wood chips free of charge to all Austin residents and businesses. You can pick-up wood chips during normal landfill hours. Wood chips must be loaded by the customer.

Rates Item Fees Car Load of Rubbish $7 Pickup Truck -- Load level with bed of truck $10 Pickup Truck -- Load slightly above bed $11 Pickup Truck -- Load half way up glass $17 Pickup Truck -- Load level with top of cab $22 Pickup Truck -- Load over top of cab $28 Trailer $5.50 per cubic yard Dump Truck $33 for 6 yards, $66 for 12 yards Tires (car or light truck) $3 per tire Diversion Center Items disposal is free

Cubic Yard Formula For Trailers Cubic yard = (length of load x height of load x width of load) / 27 For example, 16 X 2 x 6 = 192 192 / 27 = 7 cubic yards The price would be 7 cubic yards x $5.50 = $39.

Ecology Action What Can I Recycle?

Where to donate cell phones for recycling: Ecology Action

The Wireless Foundation the philanthropic arm of the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association.

Austin Guide to Recycling Centers

Where you can refill ink cartridges 1621 South Lamar Austin, TX 78704 512.444.9300

Bus Stop Signage 512-854-9383

To request a bus stop sign due to vision or safety impairment due to road or topograpy conditions, call the Travis County Street & Bridge dept.A official will evaluate conditions to determine needs and placement to determine if the request can be met.

Stop Signs 512-854-9383

Stop signs are installed as safety measures to assign right of way. To determine if a stop sign is needed, there must be one of several conditions including heavy traffic, poor visibility, and pattern of accidents and near schools. Citizens can call the number above for a service representative monitor the location. If the location poses imminent danger a sign will be put up quickly; otherwise, it takes approximately three weeks to install a stop sign.

Perdinales Street Light Repairs 512-888-554-4732

To report burned out or defective streetlight call the above number. It normally takes three working days or more to repair; however, storm repairs may take longer. Street and Bridge Repairs 512-854-9383 Citizens can report when street surfaces or pothole condition is considered dangerous and a possible threat to public safety. Hazard conditions are defined as: items in the street, oil spills, guard/bridge rail damage of any kind, or excessive rocks on the street. Emergency conditions or threats to public safety will be responded to immediately. If the citizen’s request is non- hazardous, a supervisor will inspect the site and estimates when it will be cleaned up. Minor repairs are usually done within five days. Major repairs may take months depending on the situation.

Perdinales Street Lights 888-554-4732

If you believe your neighborhood needs additional lighting, first discuss it with your nearby neighbors to make sure everyone is in agreement regarding where a street light would best serve the neighborhood. Electric utility staff will come to your neighborhood and access the lighting request. If additional lighting is justified, construction may take six to eight weeks.

Street Signs Down 512-854-9383

Citizens can report a downed street sign by notifying the County Street & Bridge Dept. Monday-Friday 8:00a.m.-5:30 p.m. After hours calls can be referred to the emergency dispatcher at Signs are either classified as hazard or non-hazard. "Hazard signs" are High Water,Stops, Yields, Do Not Enter, etc. or have fallen in such a manner as to be a hazard to pedestrians or vehicles. "Hazard signs" are dispatched immediately and responded to within two hours of receiving a call. Signs that do not fall into the hazard category are typically replaced within four to six weeks.

Traffic Signal Malfunction 512-854-4317

Citizens can report malfunction of traffic signals to Public Works Department. The response time is normally within an hour for an inspector to survey the damage. However, depending on the severity, example (downed pole, flashing lights) turn around time is prioritize ranging within a couple of hours to a week. Damage signals from heavy storms may take even longer to repair. For more information call the number above.

Traffic Signals TXDot/512-416-3200 Traffic signals are installed to control traffic. Criteria for traffic signals is stringent and traffic conditions must justify the installation. To install a traffic signal, one of the following criteria must be met: Heavy volume of traffic and/or numerous accidents at intersection. Call the Texas Dept of Transportation and give location where a traffic signal is needed. An inspector will assess the situation by determining volume of traffic or if a pattern of accidents is occurring.

Tree Trimmings Perdinales Electric 322-6455

Citizens can report overgrown tree limbs hanging over power lines either at their home or on public property to the Electric Department. If the situation is considered dangerous the limbs will be cut the same day. If not service takes approximately two weeks.

Trees Hanging Over the Roadways: 512-854-9383

Trees hanging over the driving lanes or over a portion of the County's right-of-way should be reported to the Travis County Road Department. Please be as specific as possible about the location to generate an accurate work order.(example: large tree limbs hanging in the left hand side of Flintrock Circle on the north side from this numerical address to this address. County Street and Bridge personnel will be sent to assess the situation and schedule the removal on a prioritized basis.

Trees on Electric Lines 512-888-554-4732

Report trees on power lines to Perdinales Electric Utility. Give exact location of trees on the lines (example: an oak tree has branches on the electric lines behind the house at 9200 ledgestone.). An inspector will be sent to assess the situation and the limbs will be scheduled for removal as needed.

Victim Services 512-974-4754/Family Violence Protection Team/ Main Office: 854-9709

Travis county Victim Services is a crisis intervention division of the Travis county sheriffs dept. which helps citizens in immediate traumatic crime situations. Victim Services will later arrange for an appointment to be made for additional counseling. All services rendered are at no cost to the citizen and are available 24 hours a day.


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